Jelly Draw – Best Match 3 Game



Do you want to experience innovative match three fun? Can you match three or more fish for big scoring action? Do you want to play the best matching game ever?
***It’s not a match three game; it’s a big match three game phenomenon!
Download Jelly Draw now!
***More matches with more big fish matching action!
Match 3, match 10, and match 20 or more fish all at once! Now you can experience big and exciting challenges like matching specific fish and matching multiples of unique fish in big and small numbers. Bigger numbers of fish, faster! Go for big speed in the Jelly Draw speed matching mode! Can you match all of the fish within a specific amount of time?
***Simple to play!
All you have to do is draw line over the big fish tiles, vertically or horizontally, without drawing over the same fish twice! Simple to play highly addictive match three fish game challenges await you in this soon to be all-time favorite mobile game app!
***Wild Jelly Draw wild cards!
Draw over the multi-colored bait square, or click on the bait change square to match wild cards to the fish that you want to match! Make big combo scores!
Jelly Draw is an amazingly fun, addictive and challenging match three game masterpiece! Being well suited for all ages of gamers makes Jelly Draw an awesome family match three game that will have you competing against your family for the biggest matches and best times!
Jelly Draw Features:
• Fun game
• Great Graphics
• Free family gaming
• Jelly Draw stats saved
• Highly addictive game play
• Progressively more challenging
• Sweet music and in game effects
• A MUST PLAY mobile game app
• Two game modes Classic and timed
• Awesome logic puzzle matching game
• Amazing Matching, puzzle, and logic gaming experience
• Professionally developed and created match three game app
• The best and most innovative match three game you could ask for
• Excellent game with awesome and highly competitive gaming attributes
• Social media online uplinks optional so you can share and compare or play solo
• Highly addictive Match three gaming that you will want to play time and time again
***What Makes Jelly Draw the best?
Jelly Draw is an amazing and innovative match three game that every mobile and online gamer should play to appreciate. unnamedGreat all ages gaming that you will want to share with your whole family and all of your gaming friends. Jelly Draw saves your big scoring stats so you can work at beating your own scores or those of your gaming buddies. Jelly Draw is a professionally designed and expertly created Match three gaming phenomenon. The creative graphics and fabulous in-game music and effects make this match three game an excellent choice for big fun, innovative, and exciting gaming. Whether you like to compete against your own scores or you like to take it up a notch and play against your friends, this superb match three fish game will have you coming back again and again for more and more exciting match three game action. Don’t just match three, match many many more! To get hooked on all of the big excitement that Jelly Draw has to offer you, all you have to do is download Jelly Draw now!


Download apk – Jelly Draw

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